Recreational Goalkeeper Gloves

Art No: OE-RGG-0001

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Meteor goalkeeper gloves are great choice especially for young promising players - suitable for the people from junior trainees to high school, all the way to adult footballers. They are designed and made to cushion impact of the ball, as well provide excellent grip, bounce and feeling in all weather conditions. A great fit to goalkeeper hands allows greater control during the interventions in the goal.
COMPREHENSIVE PROTECTION - the outer surface of the gloves is covered with PU leather, which helps to avoid injuries to your hands when falling and colliding. Goalkeeping gloves have a wide belt with close-fitting Velcro strap, strengthening the tightness of the wrists protecting them against more serious injuries and strains which frequently occur in competition.
QUALITY WITH PASSION - meteor keeper gloves are characterized by high quality and performance aesthetics. Flat cut design gives you the best ball-contact for the toughest saves in game. Permeable and breathable mesh material provides optimal air circulation. Flat seams and reinforced areas of glove will help you to catch ball with confidence. Expressive and unique colours of the gloves make it possible to stand out on the pitch.

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